Corsair - Hangar 9 50

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57.0 in (144.8 cm)
Wing Area:
620.0 sq in (40.0 dm^2)
Weight (less battery):
104.0 oz (2948 g)
Wing Loading:
24.2 oz/ft^2 (73.7 g/dm^2)
Cubic Wing Loading:
Full-Scale Wingspan:
41.0 ft (12.5 m)
Center of Gravity:


Turnigy G46 Brushless Outrunner 550kv
MAS 13x8 3 Blade
Default Battery:


ds821 x 2
12 inch ext x 2
6 inch ext x 2

rudder ds821
elevator ds821
retracts 6 inch ext and a y harness

Originally Posted by kdahlhaus View Post
Ordered parts tonight for the corsair:

Motor - check! (Turnigy G46 550kv)
Servos - check! ( HS-485HB Rudder/Elevator, HS-425BB ailerons)
Dr. Mad Thrust series 5A BEC
Servo extensions and y's - check!
Lots of crap from HK to fill up the shipping weight - check!

ESC is a Castle Talon 90 from the classifieds
Battery will be a 5 cell 4000-4500 mAh
PW-RC retracts

Quotes from others on RCGroups using a similar setup:

I am using a scorpion motor (a bit more efficient than the power 46) but still a similar weight. Using a 13x9x3 prop on 5s, this gives me about 1000W (about 50A), and this setup seems just perfect. Cruise at just below half throttle and plenty for large loops -- perfect for an enjoyable flight. Plenty of speed for me -- not insane, just fun. In my opinion, this is just right and I think very similar to the power 46 on 5s. The Power 52 weighs about 50 grams more but can swing a bigger prop. This is probably what I would use if going with - E-flite. This is just my opinion based on what I know about the E-flite motors. So aim for a setup producing 900+ watts and about 8000+rpm, and you will have a beautiful, fast plane.

I had a G46 (Power 46 Easymatch clone from HobbyKing) swinging a 13X8X3 prop on 4 cell, 4000 mah lipo and found it had PLENTY of speed. More than scale for sure, and loads of pull out power. I am going with the EXACT same motor, but going to try the 13x8, but a 2 blade prop this time just to see if I can get a touch more efficiency out of it. As it was, was VERY happy with the way it flew. It could have been a touch faster but I found it more than quick enough for scale flying, easily able to do loops, cubans, etc., normal warbird maneuvers.

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